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Charles Dickens

(by Mercedes Ariza:)
Click this link about Charles Dickens life and famous novels and answer the following questions:
1.   When was Charles Dickens born?
2.   What happened to his father in London?
3.   How old was Dickens when he began to work?
4.   Describe his first job.
5.   What other jobs did he have when he was a teenager?
6.   What was “Oliver Twist” about?
7.   Describe life in London in Victorian times.
8.   Explain the changes that took place in England between 1820 and 1870.
9.   What happened to Dickens in 1864?
10. When did Dickens die?

You are going to watch a short video where three women speak about Charles Dickens. They are Lucinda Hawksley: writer and Dickens’s great-great-great-granddaughter, Laura Peters: from the university of Roehampton, and Anna Dever: Dickens 2012 Project Manager from the British Council. Write LHLP or AD next to the things they say about  Dickens.
1.   He wrote about injustices he saw in the world in which he lived.
2.   It is quite difficult to create such a solid hero.
3.   Dickens was very concerned with gender inequality.
4.   He had at his time global interest and today he has a global popularity.
5.   You just have to be a good person to be a hero in Dickens.
6.   He was fascinated with adventure stories.
7.  He wrote journalism almost everyday of his life.
Have fun! 
Helena 🙂

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