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Why a Vegetarian?


 (by Mercedes Ariza)

Watch this video and do the following activities:




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Supersonic Freefall


(by Mercedes Ariza)

1. You are going to watch a short video about Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall. Sort out the conversation between Mission Control and Baumgartner.

a) You’re clear to jump at your own discretion
b) Proceed to exit
c) Still go at this time
d) Approaching final jump altitude in stratosphere at 120,000 feet
e) Clear, I’m on my own
f) Activate jump oxygen system
g) Expect possible turbulence

You might like having a look at the interactive Mission Timeline on the Red Bull Stratos main site.

Also, at this interactive graphic on altitudes and records by The Telegraph.

2. Write 5 sentences about the video using past modals. Example: something could have failed …

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Watch the following video and think about its message. After thinking and talking about it in class, fill in the following questionnaire and comment your results with your partners. Enjoy it!

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My Personal Profile


Write your personal profile for an internet pen friends’ website. Include information about your personality, your interests, who you live with, the place where you live, your ideal pen friend, and your reasons for wanting a global pen friend. Don’t forget to add your photo! 🙂

Carlos Andrade 2bat, Sandra Rodríguez 2bat, Eric Expósito 2bat, Marcos Fernández 2bat

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Read the following link concerning Catalan Independence in BBC News, take a look at the following news in AlJazeera and watch these videos:

Will Catalonia say adios to Spain? (BBC)

With all this in mind, prepare a list of reasons for and against the Independence of Catalonia and be ready to debate them in class.

Helena 🙂

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USA Elections


Compare and contrast Democratic and Republican Word Clouds:

The “Kicking Donkey”, the Democratic Party logo (http://www.democrats.org/ website)

Look at the Times interactives showing the most popular words used at the Republican and Democratic conventions. Then, list in order the 15 most popular words at each convention and identify their meanings by writing a short text about each political party.



The Republican Party logo (http://www.gop.com/)%5B/caption%5D

What are the issues at stake in this election? Learn about the candidates’ positions on the most important issues:

  • Jobs and the Economy
  • Education
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Immigration
  • Tax Policy
  • Health Care
  • Foreign Policy and Defense
  • Social Issues

The Obama and Romney Web sites provide the official candidate positions on many issues.

Also, their ads:

The New York Times Upfront Magazine’s article “What’s at Stake” is a resource that might be particularly useful if you need a broad overview of the issues before beginning more targeted research. Especially useful is this chart.

The nonprofit, nonpartisan organization ProCon.org offers a side by side comparison of where all the 2012 presidential candidates stand on dozens of issues. When clicking on an issue, you will see relevant quotes made by the various candidates.

CNN’s Election Center also gives detailed background on key issues along with a brief summary of the candidates’ positions.

Play USA TODAY‘s Candidate Match Game II to find out which candidate — Barack Obama or Mitt Romney — you agree with most on the key issues of the day. And as you take the quiz, learn more about their positions on the issues.

(Activity designed by Mireia Xortó and partly inspired by Election Unit, Part 2: What Are the Issues? by MICHAEL GONCHAR in The New York Times Learning Network)

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