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Ich werde euch vermissen… 😦 

Vielen Dank für die schönen Stunden 🙂 



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Edgar Allan Poe


(by Mercedes Ariza)

I Vocabulary: Match the words with their definitions
1    To pass away    
2    Foster child       
3    To go into debt 
4    To gamble        
5    Bizarre             
6    Tavern       
7    Creepy              
8   Barely        
9    To make a living 
a   To earn money
b   Something that gives you a feeling of fear
c   Strange
d   To die
e   Someone adopted by another family 
f    To owe money
g   Place where people eat and drink
h   To take a risky action or decision in the hope of gaining money or an advantage
i    It indicates that the thing that you are talking about is only just true
II Answer the following questions:

1     Underline the type of literature Poe wrote: fiction, biography, poetry, criticism, horror
2     Poe was a master of ………………………………………..
3     He was called by many the father of …………………
4     When and where was Poe born?
5     What happened to him when he was two years old?
6     How old was he when he started to write poetry?
7     Where did he study?
8     Who did he marry?
9     What happened to her?
10  Did he earn a lot of money from his writing?
11  Why is his story “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” so important?
12  When did Poe write his famous poem “The Raven”?
13  How old was Poe when he died?

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With stars like Lionel Messi and a youth academy bringing up the next generation of athletes, is Barcelona becoming the world’s best soccer team? Watch this video and answer the following questions:

1. What does soccer mean?

2. How many trophies has Barcelona won over the last four years?

3. What is the most contested football rivalry in the world and how many people   usually watch it?

4. What do they mean by “the cathedral of football”?

5. What happened in a 18th century farmhouse in the 1970s?

6. How many of the 25 players on Barça’s first team today come from La Masia?

7. What time do children in La Masia go to bed?

8. What if these children really like to have a good time and go out in downtown?

9. Does Gerard Piqué like the name football factory when talking about La Masia?

10. (…) Today when they pass, there’s always someone there to receive because there’s always been someone there (…). What does this sentence mean?

11. Who is the flea? When did he come to La Masia?

12. What do Maradona and Piqué have in common?

13. Last month, Messi broke the record for…?

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